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Have you ever admired the elegant charm of the old-fashioned, ornate ironwork decorating the balconies of historic buildings? The sleek, modern appeal of iron-and-glass railings of condominium balconies in chic vacation spots? Or maybe you’re just looking for attractive, clean lines and a sturdy barrier for security purposes around your apartment complex. Underpressure Welding Inc can handle your Edmonton ironwork services and needs, whatever your tastes may be.

If your ironwork has not been installed properly, it may move and settle. For manhole and other construction ironwork, they are often subject to heavy loads. When the installation is done incorrectly, the high levels of stress may cause the ironwork to prematurely fail. Our team will ensure a proper installation of your ironwork to get the longest use possible for your product. Beyond installation, we can help modify, remove, relocate, or repair your existing ironwork that has undergone any wear and tear. Built to last, we are here to help provide you with ironwork that will have spectators admiring for years to come.

Iron Works Fences, Gates, & Landscape Features in Edmonton 

Whatever your ironworks needs may be, Underpressure Welding can provide the answer. We’ll create ironwork of irresistible beauty for your residential, commercial and industrial properties in Edmonton. From adding curb appeal to the outdoor of your business or creating work for the local park, to building a railing for the inside of your home, our seasoned team can create beautiful interior or exterior work for all clients.


Benefits of Ironwork

It is durable
It is rust-resistant
It provides increased security (iron gates, iron fences)
It is highly decorative
It adds value to your property
It is easy to repair and restore

Give the outdoors of your home or land the elegance of ironwork. Choose from a generous amount of designs to get the perfect fence to outline your property. Make a great first impression and keep your driveway safe with one of our gates. Whether you need railings or landscape features, we can create the artistry that will make your property’s exterior the envy of the neighbourhood.

Other Services

Underpressure Welding is also proud to offer steel fabrication, metal fabrication and other related services to our industrial and commercial clients. Tell us about your requirements and we will extend suitable services at competitive prices.

Get an Estimate

Discuss your project with our representatives and get an estimate.  Call us for more information to learn more about our ironwork services in Edmonton today! 

Ornamental fences
Custom bench
Ornamental railing

Innovative Mobile Welding Solutions

Our experienced welding team will come to you to provide mobile welding on your site.

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