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Ensure your product is consistent in quality and appearance. Metal forming is the process by which we reshape metal to create the metal parts and objects you need. In this efficient process, no material is added or removed—we simply form metal with reliability and precision in one simple process. At Underpressure Welding, we’re experienced metalworkers who can tailor each job to your needs.

If you require metal forming in Edmonton or want to ask about our services, contact Underpressure Welding.

The metal forming process uses multiple techniques to make sure your product is to your exact specifications. Rolling smooths out the metal to a desired thickness. Extrusion is when we push metal through a certain cut out while die forming is when it is pressed around a shape. In forging, the product is shaped by compression. Indenting is when a tool or stamp is pressed into the metal to create an imprint. Using all of these techniques and more, we mould your metal smoothly into a cohesive looking product with state-of-the-art technology.

Why Choose Metal Forming?

While metal forming might not be suitable for every project, the process offers a variety of benefits for a final product. Rather than having many pieces of metal joined together, metal forming is one piece of material. This allows for a very cohesive look without any indication of joined metal. It still maintains its strength while offering a solid appearance.

Metal forming completes the project in one simple method to save you money and time in the fabrication process. This allows you to receive the benefits of a top-grade and modern product at an affordable price. If you require duplicate products, metal forming also helps to ensure a uniform look and quality across each item produced. For your project, be a part of the process with our metal forming services in Edmonton. To learn if metal forming is a better alternative to standard welding for your needs, give our team a call today.


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